EAN 2022: Only 24 hours left until early registration ends

Important notice

A number of fraudulent websites that imitate the EAN Congress 2022 have come to our attention. We would like to warn all participants and members of EAN to be aware of these fraudulent websites and we strongly advise to only use the official EAN Congress 2022 services via our official website www.ean.org. “


The EAN Congress 2022 has been accredited by the Austrian Academy of Physicians, which is an official body accrediting medical events on behalf of the Austrian Medical Association. For detailed information, please check the platform here using the event ID 736638.

Please note that accreditation of the EAN Congress 2022 by the Austrian Academy of Physicians is automatically recognised in Germany and Switzerland, therefore the collected CME credits can be claimed in those countries without additional acceptance procedures.

App | Virtual Congress Platform

As EAN uses the established EAN Congress Platform, a dedicated APP for EAN 2022 will not be launched.

The Virtual Congress Platform is available via www.eanvirtualcongress.org. Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox (Desktop & Mobile) are recommended for the best experience.

IMPORTANT: All congress participants who are attending the onsite congress are asked to bring a smartphone or tablet with them to participate in all features such as polling, Q&A and evaluations.


Onsite access to all scientific and networking events will only be possible with your personal badge. All participants are requested to wear their name badge throughout the congress.

If you forget your badge, we can reprint it in return for a deposit of the same amount paid for your congress registration. A refund will be made when both badges are shown and one is returned to the registration desk.

Virtual access to the Congress Platform is possible by logging in with your MyEAN credentials at www.eanvirtualcongress.org. No badge is required for virtual participation. No physical badge is required for virtual participation.

Scanning of badges:

Participants are not obliged to allow exhibitors to scan their badge in the exhibition area or when entering an industry symposium. Participants must show their badge for proof of access rights, but do not need to let someone scan it. By allowing a company to scan, you acknowledge that your registration details will be forwarded to the exhibitor.